Are you looking for the best vehicle insurance online? If yes, do remember to include the essential step of researching as you go about your quest. Instead of jumping to the premium component of the car insurance plans on your bucket list, it is important to go through some vital steps of comparison before zeroing in on a vehicle insurance plan. Remember, the plan with the cheapest premium may not be the best one as it may leave you hapless in terms of providing poor coverage when the need arises.

How to Compare Different Vehicle Insurance

Given below are some important guidelines that will help you compare and buy the best vehicle insurance online for your needs. You may want to check out insurance aggregator and comparison websites like to shortlist the plans that assure you the best coverage at the cheapest costs.

1. Compare Key Features on offer by Different Vehicle Insurance Plans

Once you have shortlisted different vehicle insurance online plans, draw up a comparison to assess whether they serve to provide the same kind of protection or not. Do not attempt to compare oranges with lemons. The plan chosen by you should cover key inclusions in context to damages inflicted to your car and self, along with providing cover for all third-party liabilities.

2. Review all Add-on Riders Linked with vehicle Insurance Online

It is well-advised that you research upon and pay appropriate attention to the additional riders that are available for the purpose of providing additional benefits. For the sake of comparison, here are some essential vehicle insurance riders that are likely to impact your purchase decision.

Engine Cover

This rider helps with an extra layer of coverage by safeguarding you with respect to the additional expense caused because of car engine damages.

Roadside Assistance Cover

Regardless of whether you find yourself stranded on the road because of a tire puncture, engine failure, an accident, or any other type of car damage, you may obtain roadside assistance by paying for this rider beforehand. By opting for this rider, you will be able to connect with your insurance company, file a request, and get help right at the location where you are stranded.

Zero Depreciation Cover

By adding zero depreciation cover to the vehicle insurance online plan chosen by you, you can expect the depreciation on all substituted car parts being waived off by the insurance company of your choice. Resultantly, you become eligible for gaining a higher sum of money as claim.

3. Consider Reviews

When you are going about the comparison process, do ask around for first-hand reviews and testimonials of insurance companies from family members, friends, neighbours, and colleagues. Direct testimonials will help you compare the customer support and services, ease of claim processing, terms and conditions of engagement, etc. of different insurance providers in the market space.

4. Compare Different Vehicle Insurance Plans Online

It is recommended that you compare different insurance companies and their plans on the basis of premium as per the Insured Declared Value (IDV). Also, take a look at their CSR or Claim Settlement Ratio to figure out the percentage of successful claims (as compared to the total number of claims launched) in any given financial period.

Why Should One Compare Different Plans?

If you look around carefully, you will come across different vehicle insurance plans online that have their specific sets of benefits along with some common features. While one plan may provide higher coverage at a lower premium, the other may give you extra protection in terms of essential riders like coverage for co-passengers and self along with third-party liability protection. 

Proper and timely comparison of different types of car insurance products will help you customize your plan and negotiate with insurance companies in better ways. You will not find yourself short-charged by falling prey to advertisements and hyped promises that may lead you up the wrong road.

Compare Vehicle Insurance Online

Log on to to compare the most important features of vehicle insurance plans online. You may want to use the website’s online premium calculation tool and other comparison mechanisms for narrowing your choices and hence, freezing on the best car insurance available. This portal also provides the most reliable and easy-to-use payment channels to facilitate your purchase – just go for it!