Looking out to transfer money abroad? There are several options out there that might help you out. However, the main concern is to search for the best money transfer corridor that offers you the most economical transfer rates and speed of transfer. There are many factors that might rule your decision of sending money overseas. From the exchange rate to overall transfer fees, the speed of transfer, hidden fees and so more, these factors could play a determining role in offering you the ease of money transfer.

Several leading and reliable money transfer services and companies are offering the ease of sending money. If you are on the lookout for the same, here are some of them:

  • Western Union: This is the oldest and the most reliable money transfer service. This effective money transfer scheme is widespread across all the cities of the world. You can spot the branch office of the Western Union even in rural areas. The Western Union was established in 1851 and offers it specialized money transfer services in as many as 145 currencies. It is aimed at providing help to individuals who wish to send money internationally in a hassle-free manner. They come with a flat fee for each transaction and the exchange rates are usually lower than other money transfer services.


  • Instarem: This is another money transfer scheme that is highly cost effective and faster means of remitting money abroad. Instarem helps in saving on each money transfer with great FX rates and minimal fees. With this effective money transfer service, the users can be ensured of lightning-speed transfer with complete transfers taking place in 1-2 business days. Even the process refund takes place within 72 hours. With Instarem, you can also get attractive bonuses in the form of referral bonus, welcome bonus and so more. Moreover, if you are looking for reliable and safer means of international money transfer, then Instarem is the perfect option for you.


  • Xoom Money: Xoom Money transfer service is known for its fast and simple transfer services. With its tie-ups with leading banks in India, you can be assured of the reliability of its money transfer company. However, this service might come with certain fees with every transaction. Even if you have to pay a certain amount of transaction fee, still you can be convinced of the security and successful transactions.


  • PayPal: Founded in 1998, the PayPal money transfer service has become a world-renowned service known for its reliability, ease of transfer, and instant money transfer features. With the help of PayPal, the users can send money to their friends and relatives abroad with much ease and with the help of one click of the mouse. However, for enabling proper sending and delivery of the desired amount of money with PayPal, the users need to have proper accounts with PayPal.


  • MoneyGram: This effective money transfer service was founded in 1940. With multiple locations across the world and diverse currency services, MoneyGram is another trusted name in the international money transfer industry. There is no restriction imposed on the minimum amount to be transferred through its medium. The users have the freedom to transfer even cash payments. Both the sender, as well as the receiver, need not do the transactions through any banking channel. Thus, MoneyGram money transfer scheme is highly popular among the lower and upper middle-class


If you are thinking of transferring money overseas, then these productive money transfer companies will help you out to carry the process in a seamless manner. Make the best choice of the same!