Transferring money from one country to another becomes an easy process when you know the right method. There are various steps that you need to carry out carefully. Only then, you can expect a smooth transfer of money.

Here, in this article, you will find a complete strategy guide on money transfer to India from USA.

  1. Make a list of best service providers

First of all, you need your options open in order to decide which money transfer channel is the best for you. So, make a list of all the services that allow you to transfer money from USA to India.

Different service providers will offer different features and benefits via their services of fund transfer. Your job should be to find out the best qualities of these providers. Some will provide you better location coverage, while others will give better speed or lower fees. Make sure that you create a well-defined list of options and their facilities.

  1. Check for the pedigree of the service provider

Assessing the past record of the money transfer channel is vital. A good name and large number of money transfer branches across the nation signifies a potentially high degree of trust associated with the financial institution.

  1. Book your remittance with the bank

When you have chosen the most suitable bank service for the money transfer, book your remittance. At the time of booking money transfer to India from USA, you are required to provide the amount you want to transfer to India.

They will also ask for other details regarding your account along with the receiver’s bank account details. The final decision on the exchange rate is made during this procedure.

  1. Transfer money to the bank

You initiate the process of transfer by depositing the booked amount at the bank. Your job is to transfer the needed amount from the bank account you have in a US bank.

Send this money to the bank service you have chosen for the transfer. The process is easy as it requires a simple electronic fund transfer. But, if required, you can also leverage other online options too.

  1. The final transfer

The bank service will receive the decided amount of the money. Then, this amount will be changed into the Indian rupee as per the exchange rate you have agreed upon. Then, the money is transferred to India directly in the bank account of the receiver, according to the details you had provided initially.

  1. Track the transfer

Once you have transacted for international remittance, you need to check its journey status till the money has reached the recipient. You need to get timely alerts for this. You should also have the facility to check online about the status of a remittance to ensure peace of mind.


To sign-off

The process of transferring money to India becomes convenient and faster when you know the right steps. Knowing your bank is the most important step of the process. You need to have a clear idea of the bank’s service features, bank partners in India, among other crucial aspects. With that, you can easily carry out money transfer to India from USA without facing any troubles.